Internet Legends


KS2 children at Rye Primary attended an amazing assembly which was run by Google and Parent Zone.


The whole assembly was based around internet safety.  Children were transported to the imaginary Interland where the Internaughts lived.  The Internaughts spend their day on the internet and taught the children to be:

Sharp             Think before you start

Alert                Check it’s for real

Secure           Protect your stuff

Kind                Respect each other

Brave              When in doubt discuss.


They highlighted how quickly something which is shared on the internet can go viral, with over 36 million people using the internet daily it doesn’t take long at all. How to discover if a website is real or fake.  How to be secure and NOT share personal information unless certain you are doing so securely.  Make sure you lock your phone as over 400,000 people had their phones stolen in the UK last year.  If the phone isn’t locked your personal information is open for anyone to access. Make sure you are kind when sharing or commenting on the internet, always say things aloud first, as comments can very easily be misconstrued to mean something completely different. Most importantly, children were told to be brave and to tell parents, teachers, carers, relatives if they are at all worried about something on the internet.


Our local MP Amber Rudd also came along to support the assembly and our school and reiterated the importance of keeping safe, being aware and highlighted the amazing work carried out by Parent Zone.


The whole assembly was brilliant and EVERYONE learnt something from it, adults included!