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Life - Transforming - Learning Our mission is to deliver Life - Transforming - Learning for all children and young people in our care

  • Dream, Believe, Achieve

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Welcome toRye Community Primary School

Lisa Askew	Head of School Miss Kelly Martin
Our mission is to make sure all our children can 'Dream, Believe, Achieve'.

Our school is a kind, caring and inclusive space where children feel safe and well-looked after. Every child is known as an individual and their unique talents are recognised and celebrated.

We are part of a family of schools that serve the young people of Rye from two to sixteen years of age, enabling us to offer a consistent nursery, primary and secondary education. We are proud of our place at the centre of the community, serving local children and their families.

Our aim is to unlock the gifts and talents found in every learner regardless of ability, background or need; offer a vibrant curriculum which challenges every child to success; and develop the love of learning and high aspirations that will serve our pupils well as they grow.

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Church of England Education Trust Aquinas Church of England Education Trust

At Aquinas, we work together so that our learners have an exceptional education; one where individuality is celebrated, talents are nurtured and progress is sustained from early years to Post 16.

Established in 2013, the Trust was founded as a natural development of positive relationships built between neighbouring Church of England schools; initially in the Bromley area. In November 2018, we added two community schools to our family, Rye College and Rye Community Primary School in East Sussex.


Testimonials Testimonials

  • "Pupils are happy members of Rye Community Primary School...Leaders know their pupils well, and this leads to warm and supportive relationships."ofsted report 2023
  • "Leaders know their pupils well, and this leads to warm and supportive relationships throughout the school."ofsted report 2023
  • "Beyond the classroom, leaders provide pupils with a range of opportunities to support the development of their wider skills."ofsted report 2023

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At Rye Community Primary School, we endeavour to live out of the human values of excellence, resilience, kindness, teamwork, honesty, independence and positivity in our daily lives.

With our pupils, families and community, we place our 'I RESPECT' values at the centre of all... 

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