At Rye Community Primary School, we endeavour to live out of the human values of excellence, resilience, kindness, teamwork, honesty, independence and positivity in our daily lives. With our pupils, families and community, we place “I RESPECT” at the centre of all communication. As we journey together towards our true personal best, we ensure children can DREAM, BELIEVE and ACHIEVE their future goals. 


We strive to think for ourselves and develop our independent skills; 


We learn from our mistakes and never give up; 


We are determined to try our best in all aspects of our life and be the best we can be; 


We follow the dress code, look after the environment and make sure our school looks neat and presentable; 


We have pride in ourselves, our school and our community; 


We focus on our learning, maintain a positive attitude; 


We are kind and cooperate with each other, using our manners and working in a team; 


We are honest and take responsibility for our own actions. 

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