Yesterday our Y2 children demonstrated to us just how creative they could be when the ‘IdolRich Theatre Company’ visited Rye Primary. They worked alongside the children to create some magnificent shadow puppets and with the theme being ‘Pond Life’ you can imagine the creatures they created! Once they had made their puppets, they took turns in showing the rest of the class the shadows that their puppet could create from behind the screen.

In the afternoon Julia Dunbar McLean and Chris Embury gave a performance to the whole school. The production was called ‘Leaping Frog’, and told the story of a little frog’s journey when he leaves the safety of ‘Little Pond’ and ventures into the big wide world, before returning to ‘Little Pond’ a much wiser frog.

The children were totally enthralled by the whole show, and it was wonderful to see their faces and hear their laughter!