During these unusual times our teachers are thinking of new ways to connect with their classes, this is increasingly involving new technology! Please understand that our teachers are working hard to regularly set work for children online and to virtually monitor and possibly interact with the children. This may look slightly different for each class at the moment, as each teacher is navigating their own journey with this new technology. Therefore, we ask that you continue to be supportive during these unprecedented times and not necessarily expect instant replies to queries and understand that sometimes feedback may just be a "like or a smiley face"! If we all work together we will come through this stronger and with an increased sense of community! Happy learning!

Welcome to the Super Seahorses Class page!

We are a Year 1 class. Our teacher is Miss Birkby and our teaching assistants are Mrs Barrow and Mrs Sayer. 

We are a wonderful class and just like our namesake we help each other to swim and are very hardworking! Did you know that Seahorses prefer to swim in pairs with their tails linked together. Also, they swim upright and propel themselves by using a small fin on their back that flutters up to 35 times per second.

This Term (6) 

My Back to School Bubble’ is a FREE e-storybook which aims to help children understand the new protective measures that may be in place at their school, in an age-appropriate way. It reinforces public health messages including the importance of hand and respiratory hygiene, while reassuring children that everyone makes mistakes, helping to combat feelings of anxiety, that have been reported by parents.


Our Term 6 topic in Year 1 is, ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’.

https://ryeprimary.co.uk/images/pics.pngWe will be learning about domestic and wild animals. We will be researching and writing facts about different animals. We will read, ‘We’re Going on a Lion Hunt’ and ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’.



Week Beginning 1.6.20





Weekly Reading Following feedback from parents, children and Buster Book Club:

They are going to continue running the scheme from home. The children can send in their reading minutes on a Thursday via Dojo. There won’t be target minutes as before – parents can just send in how many minutes their child has read for/what they have been reading. This is completely optional, but we have ‘reading from home’ certificates that can be awarded virtually for those that participate.  Please use the reading record found in the Purple Mash 2Dos so you can track reading progress.

Read with Ted:      

The Book Club are also asking for parents to take a photo or a video of their child reading with their favourite cuddly toy, and tweet it to @inspireschools1 with the hashtag #ReadWithTed. There’s going to be a special ‘prize’ awarded to their favourites and a shoutout from Ted on the Book Club blog! Alternatively, you can always send the picture to me, and I can pass it on to Miss Brunton who will share it through the Portal.


30 Days Wild!  


This June, The Wildlife Trust's annual 30 Days Wild project compliments our learning beautifully by encouraging us to join thousands of people taking part! We want you to do one wild thing a day throughout the whole https://ryeprimaryschool.schudio.com/images/SeaTurtles/30DaysWildHomePack.pngmonth: for your health, wellbeing and for the planet. That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness.

In preparation, it would be great if you could register and download the home-learning resources they provide.

You can register for their resources here.

Children remember your e-safety rules: make sure you let your parents know you are online and share what you are learning about!

                                                        https://www.ryeprimary.e-sussex.sch.uk/images/SeaTurtles/JPEG_Flyer_-_Page_1.jpg        https://www.ryeprimary.e-sussex.sch.uk/images/SeaTurtles/Win_3.png


Win £5000 of book tokens for our school!

You know the importance of a good school library: reading for pleasure doesn't just support children's learning, it improves their well-being too.

We'd really appreciate it if you would nominate our school for this fantastic prize, and please ask your friends and families to do the same.  There are no tricky questions to answer (unless it's to find the school postcode, which is TN31 7ND!), and the nomination takes less than a couple of minutes to complete. 
You can nominate Rye Community Primary School by following this link.


This Week’s Home Learning

Week beginning 13.7.20

Term 6 Week 7 Learning Plan

Below are the activities for this week. 


Monday Maths Powerpoint

Monday Maths Activity

Tuesday Maths addition and subtraction word problems

Wednesday Maths Reasoning

Thursday Maths Number bonds

Friday Maths Problem Solving


Tuesday English Activity 1 Suffix ed

Tuesday English Activity 2 Prefix un

Wednesday English Comprehension

Thursday and Friday Rye Writers 

Please read through the story The Magic Porridge Pot and create your own comic strip to retell the story. 

The Magic Porridge Pot Powerpoint

Comic Strip Template


Science Powerpoint Animal Bodies

Science Bizarre Beasts

Scavenger Hunt


Rosa Parks Powerpoint

Rosa Parks Activity


Art Rainbow Fish


Week beginning 6.7.20

Term 6 Week 6 Learning Plan

Below are the activities for this week. 


Monday Maths Powerpoint

Monday Maths Activity 1

Monday Maths Activity 2 Instructions

Monday Maths Activity 2

Tuesday Maths Powerpoint

Tuesday Maths Activity

Wednesday Maths Powerpoint

Wednesday Maths Activity

Thursday Maths Activity

Friday Problem Solving


Tuesday English A day in the life of a cat.

Wednesday English Comprehension

Thursday/ Friday English Powerpoint

Thursday / Friday Comic Strip


Science Powerpoint

Scavenger Hunt


Geography Powerpoint Oceans of the world.

Geography Powerpoint Continents of the world.

Geography Activity Labelling continents and oceans


Animal Craft


Nature Wands

Rye Writers

This week we would like you to read through the story powerpoint of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Then create a comic strip to retell the story. The powerpoint and comic strip template links are above. 



Please continue to read daily and record it on your reading record on Purple Mash. 

Week beginning 29.6.20

This week is Sports Week. I will be setting beat the teacher challenges on Dojo Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday and Friday.

(Family) Sports Day     

On 2nd July we will ask our children at school and at home to take part in six challenges.

· Throwing challenge (bucket and ball / soft object)

· Standing long jump

· Egg and spoon race

· Agility challenge

· Object balance

· Family relay challenge

See Sports Day Powerpoint below. 

Term 6 Week 5 Home Learning Plan

Below are the activities for this week. 


Monday Maths Measuring in seconds, minutes and hours.

Tuesday Maths Comparing Time

Wednesday Maths Months of the year and special dates

Thursday Maths Measuring in seconds

Friday Problem Solving

Friday Maths Investigation


Wednesday English Comprehension Tour De Yorkshire


Science Powerpoint

Monday Scavenger Hunt


Water Safety Powerpoint

Activity Water Safety Poster

Sports Day

Sports Activities

Sports Day Score Sheet


Rye Writers

Rye Writers this week, we will be writing a Newspaper Report on a Rye Primary sporting event of their choice! This could be either a report of Sports Day and written afterwards on the Friday, Sports Day from a previous year, or another significant sport-related event that has taken place at a different time.

Rye Writers Newspaper Template

Newspaper Powerpoint

Newspaper word mat

Newspaper Planning Sheet


Please continue to read daily and record it on your reading record on Purple Mash. 

Week beginning 22.6.20

Term 6 Week 4 Home Learning Plan

Below are the activities for this week.


Monday Maths Activity 1

Monday Maths Activity 2

Tuesday Maths 10 more and 10 less Activity 1

Tuesday Maths 10 more and 10 less Activity 2

Wednesday Maths Activity

Thursday Maths Powerpoint

Thursday Maths Activity

Friday Maths Problem Solving


Tuesday English Powerpoint Ordering Sentences

Tuesday English Ordering sentences

Wednesday English Comprehension

Thursday and Friday English Rye Writers Powerpoint

Rye Writers Comic Strip Template


Science Powerpoint

Science Activity 1

Activity 2 Scavenger Hunt


PSHE Powerpoint Sun Safety

PSHE Sun Safety Poster


STEM Activity Bird Feeders


Rye Writers

This week we would like you to read through the story powerpoint of Little Red Riding Hood. Then create a comic strip to retell the story. The powerpoint and comic strip template links are above. 



Please continue to read daily and record it on your reading record on Purple Mash. 


Week Beginning 15.6.20

Term 6 Week 3 Home Learning Plan

Below are the activities for this week.


Monday maths days of the week

Monday maths yesterday, today, tomorrow

Tuesday maths powerpoint months of the year and seasons

Tuesday maths Months and seasons

Wednesday Times of Day

Thursday Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Friday Problem Solving


Tuesday English Powerpoint Using a Sentence

Tuesday English Using a Sentence

Wednesday English Comprehension


Science Powerpoint Butterfly life cycle

Science Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Science Scavenger Hunt


STEM Mud Face Sculpture


Rye Writers

Complete writing a letter to a resident in a local care home in Rye. Or write a letter to a friend or family member telling them what you have been doing.



Week Beginning 8.6.20

Term 6 Week 2 Home learning plan.

Below are the activities for this week


Monday Maths Powerpoint Coins

Monday maths Ordering coins

Monday maths coin detectives

Tuesday Maths Powerpoint Recognising coins

Tuesday maths Recognising coins

Wednesday Maths Adding Coins

Thursday Maths Counting mixed coins

Friday Maths Problem Solving


Tuesday Powerpoint Recognising a sentence

Tuesday Activity- Recognising a sentence

Wednesday Comprehension


Science Powerpoint Frog Life Cycle

Activity 1 Frog Life Cycle

Activity 2 Scavenger Hunt


Powerpoint Queens Birthday

Activity Design the queen's birthday party invitation


Powerpoint Andy Goldsworthy

Please continue to read daily and record it on Purple Mash. 



Rye Writers

This Rye Writers is set for the next two weeks.

Please could you write a letter to a local care home in Rye. Residents would love to hear from the children during a time where contact is not allowed.

What you write about is up to you. It could be about things you have been doing. Please begin your letter with ‘hello’.


Please upload letters on to Dojo. They will be sent to the English Lead to pass onto the local care home.


Year 1  Bubble Weekly Timetable                                                          

This is the timetable for the children in the Year 1 bubble.     

The children in the Year 1 bubble are given the same activities as the children learning at home. 

Click on the link below to see the timetable.

In School Year 1 Bubble Weekly Timetable


Term 6 Week 1 Home Learning Plan

Below are the activities for this week.


Monday Maths PowerPoint Ordering Numbers

Monday maths sheets

Tuesday Maths Powerpoint Comparing Numbers

Tuesday maths sheets

Wednesday Maths Powerpoint Counting to 100

Wednesday maths sheets

Thursday Maths Powerpoint Partitioning Numbers

Thursday maths sheets

Friday Problem Solving


Tuesday Powerpoint Commands and Exclamation

Tuesday Commands and Exclamation Marks

Wednesday Comprehension

Please continue to read daily and record it on Purple Mash. 

Rye Writers.

It's time to put your poet hats on again. This week we would like you to write a poem about what you see under our sky.

It could be about nature, weather or animals. Your choice and once again all poem entries will be sent to Blue Peter.


Science this term will be about animals.

Science Animal Classification Powerpoint

Animal sorting activity

Minibeast Hunt Activity


Activity 1 Building a bridge

Activity 2 Making a butterfly feeding table

Week Beginning 18/5/20 

Term 5 Week 5 Home Learning Plan


Telling the Time Power Point  Monday

Monday Maths

Maths Power Point  Tuesday

Tuesday Maths

Wednesday Maths

Odd and Even Numbers Power Point Thursday

Thursday Maths

Thursday Maths Activity 2

Friday Problem Solving


Tuesday Conjunctions

Wednesday Comprehension


What a plant needs to grow .Power Point

What a plant needs to grow activity.

Nature Scavenger Hunt


Map of the UK

Name the capital cities of the UK and its surrounding seas


Ideas for a woodland home for a magical creature.


How to make a wormery.

Week Beginning 11/5/20 

Week 4 Home Learning Overview

Mondays Maths Lesson

Tuesdays Maths Lesson

Wednesdays Maths Lesson

Thursdays Maths Lesson

Fridays Maths Lesson

Tuesday Suffix Learning

Wednesday Comprehension

In science this week we will be studying flowers. We will be looking at the life cycle of a flowering plant and going on a flower hunt.

Life cycle of a flowering plant.  Power point

Flower hunt

Rye Writers

Are you ready to write? This week’s Rye Writers is the perfect chance to use that wonderful imagination of yours! An intriguing set of pictures is your stimulus.

Click on the link for all of the details.

The School Mystery Story Writing Competition

Week Beginning 04/5/20

Term 5 Week 3 Overview

Monday Maths Problem Solving

Tuesday Maths Problem Solving

Wednesday Problem Solving

Thursday Maths Problem Solving

Friday Maths Problem Solving

Monday English Giant Image

Tuesday English Prefix un

Wednesday English Comprehension VE Day

Thurday and Friday English Rye Writers Postcard Template

Science this week is about evergreen and deciduous trees.

Science Power Point

Science Tree Hunt

Art this week is looking at Klint's trees and drawing your own interpretation of his work. 

Klimt's Trees Image

Rye Writers 

Evacuee Bear (Name chosen by you!) has arrived in Rye. Please write a postcard home to his family telling them about his journey to his new home. 











VE Day Wordsearch


Spitfire Glider


Design a VE Day Medal

Wartime Recipes

VE Day Colouring



Additional resources

https://www.ryeprimary.e-sussex.sch.uk/images/SeaTurtles/What_Was_It_Like.jpg 'What Was It Like?' is a free e-book on Oxford Owls and might be a useful book to read together before writing. Biff, Chip and the gang have a magic key adventure that takes them to war-time London where they experience an air raid warning and going to the train station ready for evacuation.

It might give the children a sense of what it was like to be evacuated so they can then imagine how exciting it must have been for the war to end so they could return home.

Useful language:

'Street Party' at home! (This week's STEM activity)

  • This PowerPoint tells you more about VE Day and helps you plan a street party.
    The party planning is quite involved (!) so pick and choose the elements you would like to do.
  • Plan a street party template
  • BBC Great British Buntinghttps://www.ryeprimary.e-sussex.sch.uk/images/SeaTurtles/BBCSussex.jpg
  • BBC local radio stations are encouraging the nation to get involved in Great British Bunting as part of the VE Day commemorations.
  • On their website, they have all the instructions you need to get started using any paper, cereal boxes, string, ribbon, sweet wrappers, felt pens, poster paint you have or whatever you can find.  You can decorate your bunting with pictures of whatever inspires you, whether it’s those who fought on the frontline or worked hard on the Homefront, or whether it’s a celebration of enduring peace or your own personal hero.
  • Hang your bunting with pride over the weekend of Friday 8 May - Sunday 10 May.
  • Bunting template

Week Beginning 27/4/20

Term 5 Week 2 Overview

Maths Lesson 1

Maths Lesson 2

Maths Lesson 3

Maths Lesson 4

Maths Lesson 5

Jack and the Beanstalk Story

Jack and the Beanstalk Comprehension

GPS Questions

Science Functions of a Tree

Week Beginning 20/4/20

Term 5 Week 1 Overview  

Below are the activities for the week.

Maths Lesson 1  Making Doubles

Maths Lesson 2 Grouping

Maths Lesson 3 Sharing

Maths Lesson 4 Find a half

Maths Lesson 5  Comparing Mass

GPS Questioning Tuesday's English

Reading Comprehension Seren's Seasons Wednesday's English

Science this term will focus on trees and plants.

Labelling the parts of a plant

Labelling the parts of a tree.


Garden Birds Bar Chart

I Spy Scavenger Hunt

Art - Bird pictures for inspiration. 

Bird Pictures

STEM- Build  a birds nest


The Enchanted Woodland Home Learning Ideas   Topic based ideas you could try at home. 

W/C 20.4.20  Rye Writers 


Thursday and Friday’s English Tasks

Please can you plan and write up a newspaper report, reporting on a mysterious sinkhole that emerged just over from the school playground.

Links for planning a newspaper report and a newspaper report template are below.

 Newspaper Report Planning Sheet /files/Year1/Newspaper_planning_sheets.pdf

 Newspaper Report Sheet /files/Year1/Newspaper_template.docx


https://ryeprimary.co.uk/images/SeaTurtles/PurpleMash.pngThe year 2 team are compiling home-learning packs to support our children whilst they are at home.  This page will be updated on a regular basis with activities.  

All children have been issued with exercise books to work in, and their Purple Mash and Times Table Rockstars logins have also been sent home so they can keep up with their learning. 

https://ryeprimary.co.uk/images/SeaTurtles/ClassDojo.png Class Dojo

In addition, all classes are using ClassDojo to maintain our classroom communities.  We already use ClassDojos in school to reward children for brilliant conduct and fantastic learning.  Invites have been sent to the parents via e-mail so that the children can share their learning with me.  If you have not received an invitation to join, please check your junk/spam folders.  Otherwise, please contact the school by phone or email telling us the e-mail address that you would like to be contacted on; I will do my best to resend you the information you need as soon as I can.


Oxford Owl have a wide range of e-books available to read online.  Many are similar to the colour-banded books we use in school and there is a useful guide that links you to the appropriate level of books for your child.  In addition, many have an audio facility and some have activities linked to the text.

These can all be found in the Oxford Owl for Home area of their website.

Remember also, that reading and re-reading favourite books is an important part of learning to read and developing  a love of reading that should not be underestimated so please take time to enjoy family picture books and stories that you already have at home

http://ryeprimaryschool.schudio.com/images/SeaTurtles/English.jpg Phonics

During the summer term, parents and carers will be able to access daily phonics lesson by clicking on this YouTube link Letters and Sounds for home and schoolAll lessons are introduced by celebrities, including children’s TV presenters. There are three sets of daily lessons to choose from and lessons can be selected from those most suitable to the child’s year group and reading ability.

From Monday 27 April, a new phonics lesson will be uploaded every week day during the summer term and afterwards, each lesson will then be available to watch at any time during the summer term.  

Rye Writers

Every Monday there will be a picture uploaded below for you to base your writing task on. Please click on the link to find the photo. I look forward to sharing some on our Class Dojo page!

Week 1 (30.03.20): UFO Create a fantasy story based on spotting a UFO hovering above our school. Imagine you noticed it appear from a distance, whilst outside at morning break. How did it get there? Who is onboard? What will this mean for the school? You decide! 

Week 2 (06.04.20): Dinosaur Invasion Design a 'Missing' poster for this Dinosaur, which was found flying across the top of our school building! Focus on the description used to describe the dinosaur's appearance, key characteristics and where it might be travelling to. You can include this picture or your own drawing on there as well!

Week 4 (27.04.20) Magical Pathway Where could this mysterious, woodland pathway take you? What might you find along the way? Where could it lead? What problems might you encounter? Create an adventure story, imagining your journey began here, at the start of the path.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Additional resources

Woodland Word Mat

Fantasy Story Word Mat

Story Mountain

There are stories written by Enid Blyton called The Enchanted Wood and The Faraway Tree about a group of children, the unusual characters they meet and their wonderful adventures in a magical forest. 
In this BBC audio clip you can hear what it was like for them to travel into the Enchanted Wood for the first time.


https://ryeprimary.co.uk/images/SeaTurtles/BBC_Ench_Wood2.jpgIn this video clip, you can learn more about the Faraway Tree from Naomi Wilkinson.  She will tell you more about the character who live there and what happens to them when they climb the tree to the very top!
(Find the clip by scrolling down the page to 'Activity 2 Writing a Postcard'.)





Remember, these clips are just to give you ideas.  If you want to make your story completely different, you should!


Questions we ask, thoughts that we know
Use this page to write your questions, thoughts and ideas on.
 The Innocent Big Grow
Each year Innocent send out thousands of free packs to schools and homes to give children everything they need to get growing.  You can register for the chance of receiving a home growing kit here.  It comes with a packet of seeds, a compost disc, a handy growing guide and a special grower’s certificate. Everything you need to get growing your own veg.
At the bottom of their page, you'll also find growing guides and activities of things to make and do... all for FREE!

Each year Innocent send out thousands of free packs to schools and homes to give children everything they need to get growing.  You can register for the chance of receiving a home growing kit here.  It comes with a packet of seeds, a compost disc, a handy growing guide and a special grower’s certificate. Everything you need to get growing your own veg.
At the bottom of their page, you'll also find growing guides and activities of things to make and do... all for FREE!


P.E. Join the nation doing PE with Joe at 9:00 am every day!   

Premier Sports, who provide our school PE provision with Mr Sayer each week,  are releasing a daily video at 3:30pm on their YouTube channel.   

The idea is that this can act as an after school home learning activity and replace the exercise children would normally get during extra-curricular clubs. Sessions will focus on activities including dance, football, fitness, gymnastics, basketball, tennis and yoga and more.

So far they have filmed five weeks’ worth of content, and sessions include “Personal Best’ challenges so they can be completed again and again as children keep trying to improve. 
I-spy another maths activity as you compare your PBs!  PE is also a large part of our science topic this term as we are learning about what keeps us healthy.

A new timetable will be released every Monday. 

Useful Links and Websites


The government now have a list of online education resources to help children learn at home.

The list includes subject-specific resources for:

ClassDojo - To keep our class community spirits up! Please use this website/app to keep us updated with your home learning activities via the Class Story or Portfolios. I would like to share your work on the class story . Please write if you would really love for your home learning to be shared.

PurpleMash - Please use PurpleMash to keep us updated, and there are lots of fun games and activities on there too!

Twinkl - Use code UKTWINKLHELPS for one free month of ultimate membership. - Lots of resources for every subject.

Classroom Secrets - Lots of resources for every subject.

Top Marks - Educational games for lots of subjects, a particular favourite is 'Telling the Time'.

White Rose Maths - The scheme of work that we follow at Rye Primary, there are lots of resources for Year 3.

Oxford Owl - Lots of reading books online, as well as other resources . Free to join.

Read Theory - Lots of books.

Open Library - A website for you to borrow books.

CBBC Newsround - Keep updated with child friendly news.

Teach handwriting - Help you practice your handwriting for a pen licence.

Pobble365 - English and writing activities.

GoNoodle - Lots of videos to help keep you active. These include dancing, yoga and stretching.

Cosmic Yoga - Lots of great yoga videos.



Oak National Academy

BBC teach

Craft and Activity Ideas

More Useful Websites

Ten pieces

TWIG education

Storybook about COVID 19


East sussex guidance education and resources

East sussex guidance mental health and emotional wellbeing

EEF News Alert




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