During these unusual times our teachers are thinking of new ways to connect with their classes, this is increasingly involving new technology! Please understand that our teachers are working hard to regularly set work for children online and to virtually monitor and possibly interact with the children. This may look slightly different for each class at the moment, as each teacher is navigating their own journey with this new technology. Therefore, we ask that you continue to be supportive during these unprecedented times and not necessarily expect instant replies to queries and understand that sometimes feedback may just be a "like or a smiley face"! If we all work together we will come through this stronger and with an increased sense of community! Happy learning!

Welcome to the Year 5 Marlin Class page!

The class teacher is Miss Brunton and our teaching assistant is Mrs Beeching. 

Dear Parents and Carers, 

When self-isolating, or in case of school closure, I will post work on this page for your child to complete. Every child has received a green home learning exercise book in which they can complete the activities. They have also received login details for Purple Mash, Class Dojo and Read Theory, too. Please do use the helpful website list that is below.

This page will be updated with activities and resources for you each week. There will be a 'Rye Writers' story-writing task weekly too.

We hope this is useful for you all.  

We are not expecting all of these activities completed each week. The suggested timetable below is there if you need it, but not compulsory. Please remember, it is just as important for you to also take time for the practical activities and making sure you are looking after yourself as well.

Miss Brunton and Mrs Beeching


Suggested Timetable

Home Learning Letter & Useful Websites: 

Year 5 Letter Overview - This outlines how your child's day could be structured. It also contains their spellings. Please continue to pick 5-10 for them to practice that week. 

Purple Mash - Please use this to communicate with us, as well as exploring the brilliant games and online activities. Usernames and passwords have been sent home.

Class Dojo - This is the second way in which we will be able to communicate and share learning together using Class Portfolios and the Class Story. Usernames and passwords have been sent home.

Topmarks - Contains lots of fun, educational games. 'Hit the Button' is great for times table practice. 

Twinkl - It has lots of free resources and activities for each subject. Use the code UKTWINKLHELPS for a free one month membership.

Times Table Rockstars - Keep practicing your times tables and competing. We will publish the winner each week on a Friday!

CBBC Newsround - We watch this to keep us updated with child-friendly news.

Oxford Owl - Reading books online and other reading based tasks. 

Read Theory - Great for comprehension activities based on your child's reading ability. Usernames and passwords have been sent home. 

Open Library - A website for you to borrow books. Please sign up (for free) if you wish. 

Our Term 6 topic is the 'Ancient Egyptians'!

The Egyptians were a fascinating civilization that thrived for over three thousand years, and we think you will love learning all about them. 

You have been working so hard, and we are very proud of you. Remember, below is a suggested plan of how you could structure your week, but you do not have to follow this. Please do whatever is working best for you and your family.

Week c/m 6.07.20

Term 6 Week 6 Plan: Start of the Summer

My Back to School Bubble’ is a FREE e-storybook which aims to help children understand the new protective measures that may be in place at their school, in an age-appropriate way. It reinforces public health messages including the importance of hand and respiratory hygiene, while reassuring children that everyone makes mistakes, helping to combat feelings of anxiety, that have been reported by parents.

Maths Day 1 Task

Maths Day 2 Task

Maths Powerpoint Day 1 and 2

Maths Day 3 Task

Maths Day 4 Task

Maths Powerpoint Day 3 and 4

French Numbers to 20 Practise

French Numbers to 20 Activity Sheet


Rye Writers: A Time Capsule

This week, we'd like you to create a letter to your future self to be buried in a time capsule. Please take a photo or email your letter over so it can be added into our collection. It will be buried in the allotments and hopefully discovered in the future!

Keep your letters creative and imaginative.

Letter to my future self template

Questions for capsule letter



Reading: Daily News Article

GPS: Daily News Article Task

Start of Summer Activities:

Dream Jar

All About Me booklet

End of Year memories

Personal Shield



This week, we are following the theme of SPORTS! Your activities will be based around this, and there will be daily sports challenges for you to complete at home to try and beat us teachers in school. These will be posted on Dojo. Thursday 2nd July will be our official 'Sports Day' - at school AND at home! Below are the resources you'll need: 

Scoresheet / Activities for Sports Day

Week c/m 29.06.20

Term 6 Week 5 Plan: Sports Week

Maths: Day 1 and 2 PowerPoint

Maths: Day 1 task

Maths: Day 2 task

Maths: Day 3 and 4 PowerPoint

Maths: Day 3 task

Maths: Day 4 task

Rye Writers: A Sports Report!

This week, we’d like you to write your own Newspaper Report on a Rye Primary sporting event of your choice! It could be written about any one of the following:

  • A past Sports Day at Rye Primary
  • A football/netball match that has occurred at school, or between the school team and another school.
  • Cross-country
  • made-up Sports Day or match.

Resources: Planning sheet / Template / Word mat / Newspaper writing tips

GPS: Sports day information

GPS: Sports day task

Reading: Sports day comprehension / answers


Unscramble the vocabulary!

The Olympics: champion fact-file

Redesign the Olympics logo

Design your own sport

Ancient Olympic boardgame

Week c/m 22.06.20

Term 6 Week 4 Plan

Maths: Help poster & help poster 2 (Decimals)

Maths: Day 1 & 2 PowerPoint

Maths: Day 1 task

Maths: Day 2 task

Maths: Day 3 & 4 PowerPoint

Maths: Day 3 task

Maths: Day 4 task

Maths: Day 5 PowerPoint (Square Numbers)

Maths: Day 5 task

Rye Writers: The Plot Thickens!

This week, we'd like you to come up with your own plot idea. Remember, a plot is the main idea in a story. You can draw picture of your plot, write a short paragraph, or just a simple sentence. Share your plot ideas with us on Class Dojo. Next, you can write the ending to this story plot, or choose to write the ending to someone else's story! You choose. 

Storyboard example

GPS: The Pyramids information sheet

GPS: The Pyramids task

Reading: Mummification PowerPoint

Reading: Survival in Ancient Egypt comprehension

Ancient Egypt: Tomb challenges

Canopic Jars information

Canopic Jars activity

Art/DT: Make your own Canopic Jars

PSHE: Positivity Jar / Summary of Lockdown / Positives of Lockdown 

Week c/m 15.06.20

Term 6 Week 3 Plan

Maths - Help sheet (negative numbers)

Maths - Powerpoint for Days 1 and 2

Maths - Day 1 task

Maths - Day 2 task

Maths - Powerpoint for Days 3 and 4

Maths - Day 3 task

Maths - Day 4 task

Maths - Friday challenge sheet

       Rye Writers: This week, we are continuing our Rye Writers. We will be writing letters to care homes local to Rye. You may write about the things you've been doing whilst in lockdown, share a story you have written, or fill your letter with questions you might have for them - it is your choice. We know a letter from you will really lift their spirits. More information is on the above plan for the week. Thank you for your wonderful entries so far.

GPS: Gods and Goddesses Information sheet

GPS: Gods and Goddesses task 

Reading: Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Powerpoint

Reading: Gods and Goddesses comprehension 

 Ancient Egyptian Challenges (continued)

Art: Pharaoh template

Art: Pharaoh self-portrait Powerpoint

PSHE: BLM Powerpoint

PSHE: BLM Newspaper report 

 Week c/m 08.06.20

Term 6 Week 2 Plan

Maths - Help sheet (polygons)

Maths - Powerpoint for Days 1 and 2

Maths - Day 1 task

Maths - Day 2 task

Maths - Powerpoint for Days 3 and 4

Maths - Day 3 task

Maths - Day 4 task

Maths - Day 5 task

Rye Writers: This week, we have a very special Rye Writers. We will be writing letters to care homes local to Rye. You may write about the things you've been doing whilst in lockdown, share a story you have written, or fill your letter with questions you might have for them - it is your choice. We know a letter from you will really lift their spirits. More information is on the above plan for the week.

GPS: Mummification information text

GPS: Mummification task

Reading:The Ancient Egyptians E-book

Reading: Tutankhamun comprehension

French: Pets wordsearch

French: Breakfast activity

Ancient Egyptian Challenges

Flatbread recipe

Hieroglyphic sheet

Week c/m 01.06.20

Term 6 Week 1 Plan

Mental Maths

Maths - Day 1 (Bronze)

Maths - Day 1 (Silver)

Maths - Day 1 (Gold)

Maths - Day 2

Maths - Day 3

Maths - Day 4

Maths - Day 5

RUCSAC Help Sheet

“Look out of your window, even if all you can see is buildings, nature is all round you: the air and the clouds constantly changing are created by the life of our planet. Look at your face in the mirror, your hand holding the pen, evolution gave you a face, a hand that can hold a pen, a brain that can think. And evolution is the history of nature, a story that connects us all to each other and to every living thing alive now and that has been alive in the long journey of our planet.”

Your Rye Writer's Task this week is to write a poem of any length or genre. The only requirement is that it has to be based on nature. Resources have been included below to help you get ideas, plan and write your poem. Please remember to share these with us on our Dojo page!

Types of Poetry

Under our Sky poetry examples

Poetry Language Planner

Setting description word mat

Countryside word mat

Year 3/4 Spelling Sheet (with answers)

Year 5/6 Spelling Sheet

Year 5/6 Spelling Sheet Answers

Reading Comprehension - Battle of Dunkirk

Crack the Egyptian God names

Ancient Egypt wordsearch

Egyptian hieroglyphics mat

Make your own Mummy

Make your own Pyramid

French - As-tu un animal (Have you got a pet?)

French Colours wordsearch


Our Term 5 topic is 'Allotments'!

It explores all things self-sufficient, looking at our environment around us. Although this topic at school would have involved us growing our own produce, this is a great project to carry out whilst at home too!

Week c/m 18.05.20

Here is your learning for the week. You've worked really hard and sent in some fantastic allotment-related Art and Science tasks which has been great to see. Our story competition continues this week, with the deadline on Thursday 21st May. Remember to send in your entries.

Term 5 Week 5 Plan

Maths help sheet (for the week)

Maths Day 1 & Maths Day 1 (easier)

Maths - Day 3

Maths - Day 4

Maths - Day 5 - Times Table Rockstars Challenge

English - Rye Writers Story Competition

Word Mat 

GPS: Commas

GPS help sheet

Reading comprehension: The Dragon

Newspaper features checklist

French - colours

Science - Pollination activity 1 & activity 2

Art - Picasso examples




Week c/m 11.05.20

We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating VE Day and the bank holiday. Please continue to share your happy pictures with us, it has been lovely to see! See the weekly overview below for a suggested (optional) plan for the week. 

Term 5 Week 4 Plan

Maths - Day 1

Maths - Day 2

Maths - Day 3

Maths - Day 4

3D Shapes Posters

Types of Angles

Super Challenge Maths - Angles

English - Rye Writer's Story Competition 

Reading Comprehension - Captain Tom information sheet

Reading Comprehension - Captain Tom challenge sheet

GPS: Sentence Building Blocks

GPS: Expanded Noun Phrase Activities

Science - Parts of a flower activity sheet

Parts of a flower knowledge organiser

Parts of a flower answer sheet

Art - Andy Goldsworthy 

French - Days of the Week





Week c/m 04.05.20 

Friday 8th May is VE Day. This marks the day when it was formally announced that WW2 had finished, with fighting ceased in Europe. We have planned activities based around this theme for the week. We hope you enjoy them, and please share any pictures with us as always! 

Term 5 Week 3 - VE Week Plan - Please use the plan however is most helpful for you and your family. 

VE Day Activity Plan

Maths Lesson 1 - Common Factors

Maths Lesson 2 - Common Factors 

Maths Lesson 3 - Factor Pairs

Maths Lesson 4 - Factor Pairs

Maths Lesson 5 - Prime Numbers

GPS: VE Day Expanded Noun Phrases + Help Mat

Reading Comprehension (VE Day)

Bunting template

VE Day Mindfulness Colouring



Week c/m 27.04.20

Term 5 Week 2 Plan - The activities this week are similar. Please feel free to use this week's plan to help guide your home-learning, but if you have another way that works better for your family, then please go with that! 

Maths Lesson 1 & 2 - Multiplying fractions + poster to help.

Maths Lesson 2 - Fraction wall

Maths Lesson 3 & 4 - Multiplying fractions part 2 + poster to help

Maths Lesson: Friday - Roman Numerals + guidance poster

GPS: Expanded Noun Phrases

Reading Comprehension: Planet Earth (Please choose the level that is right for you.)

Art: Mindfulness Plant Colouring 

Science: Food Chain (sorting cards) / Food Chain Worksheet 


Week c/m 20.04.20 

Term 5 Week 1 Plan - This is the whole week's activities on one page. If it would help to use the structured timetable please do so. However, this is just a suggestion and not compulsory, so if you'd prefer to do it another way that works for you and your family then feel free to do so!
Please could you feed back to me through Class Dojo how useful this is to you.

Maths Lesson 1 - Rounding activity + poster

Maths Lesson 2 - Rounding activity (hot) + Rounding activity (mild)

Maths Lesson 3 & 4 - Dividing activity (hot) + Dividing activity (mild) + poster

Maths Lesson 5 - Problem Solving Fun!

GPS: Expanded Noun Phrases

Reading comprehension (Life Cycle of a Frog)

Example Botanical Drawings (Art)


Week c/m 06.04.20 & Week c/m 13.04.20

These activities are optional and here for you if you wish. It is still your holiday, too!

Easter Overview Letter - on here are spelling, GPS and Maths activities, too. 

Easter craft basket

Easter baking (there are instruction templates and recipes set as a '2Do' on Purple Mash!)

Mindfulness colouring (printable)

Poetry task

Spring-themed MATHS booklet

Create an Easter chick

Design your own Easter Egg - you're all brilliant artists, and I'd love to see your creative designs! 

Week 1 c/m 23.03.20 & Week 2 c/m 30.03.20

Maths, GPS, Reading and Writing Pack

GPS Parenthesis

GPS Noun Phrases

Answers for learning pack

Reading Comprehension (Cats) / Reading Comprehension (FA Cup) / Reading Comprehension (Roald Dahl)

Rye Writers: 

Every Monday there will be a picture uploaded below for you to base your writing task on. Please click on the link to find the photo. I look forward to sharing some on our Class Dojo page!

Week 1 (30.03.20): UFO Create a fantasy story based on spotting a UFO hovering above our school. Imagine you noticed it appear from a distance, whilst outside at morning break. How did it get there? Who is onboard? What will this mean for the school? You decide! 

Week 2 (06.04.20): Dinosaur Invasion Design a 'Missing' poster for this Dinosaur, which was found flying across the top of our school building! Focus on the description used to describe the dinosaur's appearance, key characteristics and where it might be travelling to. You can include this picture or your own drawing on there as well!

Week 3 (20.04.20): Sinkhole Disaster Imagine this enormous hole in the ground was discovered at the edge of the allotments by a person of your choice. Write a newspaper report detailing your findings! Remember to answer the 5 'w' questions in your report. Below are some templates you could use for planning the report, and one to help the layout. 

Report planning template / Newspaper template

Week 4 (27.04.20) Magical Pathway Where could this mysterious, woodland pathway take you? What might you find along the way? Where could it lead? What problems might you encounter? Create an adventure story, imagining your journey began here, at the start of the path. Below is a story mountain to plan your story, and some vocabulary mats to help you. 

Story mountain / Setting mat / Fantasy mat

Week 5 (04.05.20) VE Day: A Journey of an Evacuee Bear Teddies were often given to children that were evacuated during the War. This is where you were moved to a different, safer location away from your family whilst it was too dangerous to stay at home. This week, we'd like you to write a diary entry. It can be written from the point of view of the bear itself, or the child carrying the bear - it is your choice. How would you feel? What would you miss? Can you describe your journey by steam train?

VE Day Word Mat 

Rye Writers Word Mat

Week 6 (11.05.20) Story Competition: Please see the attached poster to give you inspiration for a very exciting writing competition! There are three different categories for you to choose from. A picture story, a graphic story or a short story. If you click on the video, it will give you more information. Entries can be sent in to me, submitted on Class Dojo, or posted to the school hosting the competition. 

Word Mats: Use these to help you with your story writing.

Tension and Suspense Mat

Fronted Adverbial Mat

Adjective Mat

Expanded Noun Phrase Mat

Home Learning Activities:

- Write a book review in your green book about a book you have read recently. 

- Bake a cake with an adult and record your recipe. 

- Design a superhero and create a comic strip with you as the character. 

- Work out the perimeter of different rooms in your house! (Remember: measure the 'sides' and add them all together.)

- Read newspaper articles.

- Meditate and take time to practice yoga (by searching for Cosmic Kids on youtube). 

- Help with the cooking. 

- Create slime.

- Make up your own 'sport'. Share the instructions with us on purple mash or class dojo!

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