During these unusual times our teachers are thinking of new ways to connect with their classes, this is increasingly involving new technology! Please understand that our teachers are working hard to regularly set work for children online and to virtually monitor and possibly interact with the children. This may look slightly different for each class at the moment, as each teacher is navigating their own journey with this new technology. Therefore, we ask that you continue to be supportive during these unprecedented times and not necessarily expect instant replies to queries and understand that sometimes feedback may just be a "like or a smiley face"! If we all work together we will come through this stronger and with an increased sense of community! Happy learning!

Welcome to the Jellyfish Class page

We are a Year 5 class. The class teacher is Mr Thomas and our teaching assistant is MIss Stansfield. 

Dear Parents and Carers, 

As the school is now closed to children ,with the exception of children of key workers, work will now be set online fro your child to complete. Exercise books have been given to those children who were in on the days that they were handed out. All work that is set on these pages will not require a printer to print. Logins for Purple Mash and Times Table Rock Stars have been issued with these exercise books. 

New work will be posted weekly on a Monday morning for the week ahead. Please find below, work for your child to complete and useful websites for your child to access. 


Mr Thomas and Miss Stansfield

Week c/m 6.07.20

My Back to School Bubble’ is a FREE e-storybook which aims to help children understand the new protective measures that may be in place at their school, in an age-appropriate way. It reinforces public health messages including the importance of hand and respiratory hygiene, while reassuring children that everyone makes mistakes, helping to combat feelings of anxiety, that have been reported by parents.

Maths Day 1 Task

Maths Day 2 Task

Maths Powerpoint Day 1 and 2

Maths Day 3 Task

Maths Day 4 Task

Maths Powerpoint Day 3 and 4

French Numbers to 20 Practise

French Numbers to 20 Activity Sheet

Rye Writers: A Time Capsule

This week, we'd like you to create a letter to your future self to be buried in a time capsule. Please take a photo or email your letter over so it can be added into our collection. It will be buried in the allotments and hopefully discovered in the future!

Keep your letters creative and imaginative.

Letter to my future self template

Questions for capsule letter



Reading: Daily News Article

GPS: Daily News Article Task

Start of Summer Activities:

Dream Jar

All About Me booklet

End of Year memories

Personal Shield

Week c/m 29.06.20

Term 6 Week 5 Plan: Sports Week

Maths: Day 1 and 2 PowerPoint

Maths: Day 1 task

Maths: Day 2 task

Maths: Day 3 and 4 PowerPoint

Maths: Day 3 task

Maths: Day 4 task

Rye Writer

This week, we’d like you to write your own Newspaper Report on a Rye Primary sporting event of your choice! It could be written about any one of the following:

  • A past Sports Day at Rye Primary
  • A football/netball match that has occurred at school, or between the school team and another school.
  • Cross-country
  • made-up Sports Day or match.

Resources: Planning sheet / Template / Word mat / Newspaper writing tips

GPS: Sports day information

GPS: Sports day task

Reading: Sports day comprehension / answers



Unscramble the vocabulary!

The Olympics: champion fact-file

Redesign the Olympics logo

Design your own sport

Ancient Olympic boardgame

W.B. 22.06.20

Term 6 Week 4 Plan

Maths: Help poster & help poster 2 (Decimals)

Maths: Day 1 & 2 PowerPoint

Maths: Day 1 task

Maths: Day 2 task

Maths: Day 3 & 4 PowerPoint

Maths: Day 3 task

Maths: Day 4 task

Maths: Day 5 PowerPoint (Square Numbers)

Maths: Day 5 task

Rye Writers: The Plot Thickens!

This week, we'd like you to come up with your own plot idea. Remember, a plot is the main idea in a story. You can draw picture of your plot, write a short paragraph, or just a simple sentence. Share your plot ideas with us on Class Dojo. Next, you can write the ending to this story plot, or choose to write the ending to someone else's story! You choose. 

Storyboard example


GPS: The Pyramids information sheet

GPS: The Pyramids task

Reading: Mummification PowerPoint

Reading: Survival in Ancient Egypt comprehension

Ancient Egypt: Tomb challenges

Canopic Jars information

Canopic Jars activity

Art/DT: Make your own Canopic Jars

PSHE: Positivity Jar / Summary of Lockdown / Positives of Lockdown 

W.B. 15.06.20

Term 6 Week 3 Plan

Maths - Help sheet (negative numbers)

Maths - Powerpoint for Days 1 and 2

Maths - Day 1 task

Maths - Day 2 task

Maths - Powerpoint for Days 3 and 4

Maths - Day 3 task

Maths - Day 4 task

Maths - Friday challenge sheet

       Rye Writers: This week, we are continuing our Rye Writers. We will be writing letters to care homes local to Rye. You may write about the things you've been doing whilst in lockdown, share a story you have written, or fill your letter with questions you might have for them - it is your choice. We know a letter from you will really lift their spirits. More information is on the above plan for the week. Thank you for your wonderful entries so far.

GPS: Gods and Goddesses Information sheet

GPS: Gods and Goddesses task 

Reading: Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Powerpoint

Reading: Gods and Goddesses comprehension 

 Ancient Egyptian Challenges (continued)

Art: Pharaoh template

Art: Pharaoh self-portrait Powerpoint

PSHE: BLM Powerpoint

PSHE: BLM Newspaper report 

W.B. 08.6.20


Maths - Day 1 

Maths - Day 2

Maths Powerpoint - Day 1 and 2

Maths - Day 3

Maths - Day 4

Maths Powerpoint - Day 3 and 4

Maths - Day 5

Polygons Help Poster

For Rye Writer this week, please see the relevant column on the Overview. 

GPS Mummification Task

GPS Mummification Information Sheet

Reading Comprehension - Tutankhamen

Ancient Egyptian Challenge Tasks

Flatbreads recipe

Hieroglyphics Sheet

Ancient Egypt E-book

French Breakfast Sheet

French pet wordsearch

W.B. 01.06.020

Welcome back to our online learning after a week's half-term, even if like me, it didn't feel any different compared to the last seven weeks. I have put online learning below and there are some exciting developments this term. Firstly, there is a Blue Peter competition where children write a poem based on nature with the theme called 'Under our Sky'. Secondly, I am very excited about the history this term as we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians with the many gods and goddesses together with pyramids and mummies. As from the 1st June, I am back in school teaching children who are coming back into school. I am still available on Classdojo although I will not be able to respond to any messages during school hours. Please continue to support your children in anyway you can and I am proud to be the teacher for Jellyfish class.   


Mental Maths

Maths - Day 1 (Bronze)

Maths - Day 1 (Silver)

Maths - Day 1 (Gold)

Maths - Day 2

Maths - Day 3

Maths - Day 4

Maths - Day 5

RUCSAC Help Sheet

“Look out of your window, even if all you can see is buildings, nature is all round you: the air and the clouds constantly changing are created by the life of our planet. Look at your face in the mirror, your hand holding the pen, evolution gave you a face, a hand that can hold a pen, a brain that can think. And evolution is the history of nature, a story that connects us all to each other and to every living thing alive now and that has been alive in the long journey of our planet.”

Your Rye Writer's Task this week is to write a poem of any length or genre. The only requirement is that it has to be based on nature. Resources have been included below to help you get ideas, plan and write your poem. 

Types of Poetry

Under our Sky poetry examples

Poetry Language Planner

Setting description word mat

Countryside word mat

Year 3/4 Spelling Sheet (with answers)

Year 5/6 Spelling Sheet

Year 5/6 Spelling Sheet Answers

Reading Comprehension - Battle of Dunkirk

Crack the Egyptian God names

Ancient Egypt wordsearch

Egyptian hieroglyphics mat

Make your own Mummy

Make your own Pyramid

French - As-tu un animal (Have you got a pet?)

French Colours wordsearch

W.B. 18.05.20

Welcome to another week of learning in Jellyfish class. Please find the week overview below with the tasks underneath this. For Rye Writer, we are continuing the 500 word story and would encourage all children to enter this competition. As part of Maths this week, we are focusing on the conversion of units of weight and length. So, here's your chance to get the cook books out and practise converting from grams to kilograms and vice versa. I have seen some lovely plates of food created (including lots of cake) and look forward to seeing more of these.  


Maths - Day 1

Maths - Day 2

Maths - Day 3

Maths - Day 4

Maths Knowledge Organiser

GPS - Using commas

GPS - Help Sheet for using commas

Poetry Comprehension


Art - Picasso

TTRS World Record Attempt

W.B. 11.05.20

Dear Parents and Carers

I trust that you enjoyed the Bank Holiday on Friday and also took part in the celebration of VE Day. Please find below this weeks work. There is an exciting story competition for the Rye Writer's this week which I am sure many children will be entering. I would encourage any parent who has not signed up for Classdojo to check their email for an invite. Please keep uploading your work onto the portfolios on Classdojo, it gives me great pleasure seeing some of the fantastic work being completed. Everyone is doing an excellent job, both adults and children, in completing their learning at home and I am proud of each and everyone of my class for their courage and determination in this difficult time.  

Weekly Overview

Maths - Day 1

Maths - Day 2

Maths - Day 3

Maths - Day 4

3D Shapes Posters

Types of Angles

English - Rye Writer's Story Competition

Reading Comprehension - Captain Tom information sheet

Reading Comprehension - Captain Tom challenge sheet

Science - Parts of a flower activity sheet

Parts of a flower knowledge organsier

Parts of a flower answer sheet

Art - Andy Goldsworthy

French - Days of the Week

Super Challenge Maths - Angles

Super Challenge Grammar - Relative pronouns

Week 5 - W.B. 04.05.20

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I am sure many of you are aware, this coming Friday is VE Day, the day the Second World War ended in Europe with the formal surrender of Nazi Germany. As Winston Churchill waved to the crowds declaring Victory in Europe, millions of men, women and children around the country celebrated the end of what had been nearly six long years of devastating war. To commemorate this momentous event, the teachers at Rye Primary have put together some activities that everyone can take part in to remember this important event. As always, there is an overview below showing the maths for this week together with the Rye Writer. I have also included videos relating to each of the maths topics that have been set this week. It is pleasing to see more parents sign up to ClassDojo and would encourage parents to check their email for invites to the ClassDojo. I will leave you with this quote below:


Maths - Day 1

What are factors? (video)

How to find factors of a number (video)

Maths - Day 2

What is a common factor? (video)

Maths - Day 3

What is a factor pair? (video)

Maths - Day 4 

Maths - Day 5

What are prime numbers? (video)

Maths Knowledge Organiser

English - Rye Writer

VE Day Word Mat

VE Day Reading Comprehension

VE Day Activity Overview

The Week Junior have made their magazine accessible for the next four weeks for free along with six back issues already available. Please click on the following link to access it: https://magazine.theweekjunior.co.uk/

Week 4 - W.B. 27.4.20

Welcome to another session of fun learning! You will find the overview of the week below with the work which can be done at your own pace. I have re-sent invitations for Class Dojo to those parents who still haven't signed up. The advantages of Class Dojo is that your children's work can be uploaded instantly for me to look at, give feedback and hit the like button. Please check your junk mail to ensure that you have not missed it. If you are having issues signing up to Class Dojo, please click on the following link for further guidance: https://classdojo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205417305-Create-a-Parent-Account#web


Multiplying Fractions Activity Sheet (with answers)

Multiplying Fractions Help Poster

Multiply unit fractions by an whole number

Multiply a fraction by a whole number Help Poster

Roman Numerals Activity

Roman Numerals Help Poster

Modal Verbs

Reading Comprehension - Earth and Space

Descriptive Setting Word Mat - Forests and Woodland

Story Mountain

Please find below the image for this weeks Rye Writer! This pathway leads to a set of stairs. Where will these stairs take you? Who, or what, will you meet on your adventure? Do you go alone or do you take a brave friend with you? 

I look forward to reading these stories!

 Animal Fact File Template

Animal Fact File Example

Super Challenge - Maths (Roman Numerals and Place Value)

Super Challenge - Grammar (Modal Verbs)

Week 3 - W.B 20.4.20

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Easter and is ready to get back to some fun learning! I have set out an overview of the learning for the week to enable some structure and time management. I have had ten parents sign up to Class Dojo and would be very excited to see more parents sign up! You should have received an email from Class Dojo - it could be in your junk e-mail - and I would encourage parents to sign up as it is a good method of keeping in contact with me and also to display the children' fantastic work!

Also, don't forget Times Table Rock Stars! I have set up a new tournament online! Keep practising!


Rounding Activity

Rounding Rhyme Poster

Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 Activity

Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 Poster

Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 Answers

Place Value Chart (for both topics)

Fun Activity

Humphrey called me from the classroom (where he is guarding my stuff) to say that there is a large hole in the playground and he doesn't know how it got there... You will need to plan, design and create a newspaper describing this event and what happened. Remember that you can quote Humphrey as a witness to the event!


Newspaper Planning Sheet

Newspaper Template

Features of a newspaper

Features of a newspaper article

Reading Comprehension

Grammar - Prefixes

Year 5 and 6 Spelling Checklist

Super Challenge - Maths

Super Challenge - Grammar


Week 2 - W.b 30.3.20

Please find below the work set for this week. It does not all need to be completed during this week. In addition to this, I have set up a Class Dojo page for the children to keep in contact with me and other children in the class. I have sent invites to parent emails. If you have received an invite, please sign up and I will send a link to you via the messaging on Class Dojo to allow your child to have their own access. Once they have done this, Both you and your child will be able to send through work that they have done at home and I will be able to give feedback for this work. 

Keep safe and remember to look after yourselves! 

Maths, GPS, Reading and Writing Pack

GPS Parenthesis

GPS Noun Phrases

Answers for learning pack

Reading Comprehension (Cats) / Reading Comprehension (FA Cup) / Reading Comprehension (Roald Dahl)

Rye Writers:

Every Monday there will be a picture uploaded below for you to base your writing task on. Please click on the link to find the photo. I look forward to sharing some on our Class Dojo page!

Week 1 (30.03.20): UFO Create a fantasy story based on spotting a UFO hovering above our school. Imagine you noticed it appear from a distance, whilst outside at morning break. How did it get there? Who is onboard? What will this mean for the school? You decide! 


Home Learning Letter & Useful Websites:

Year 5 Letter Overview 



Times Table Rockstars

CBBC Newsround

Oxford Owl 

Purple Mash



GPS Parenthesis

GPS Noun Phrases

Story Planning Sheet

Addition and Subtraction Activities

Multiplication Activities

Division Activities


Click on the link for help with the fraction work above - https://www.mathsisfun.com/fractions_addition.html


Word Mats 

Tension and Suspense Mat

Fronted Adverbial Mat

Adjective Mat

Expanded Noun Phrase Mat


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