We are pleased to announce that Miss Shackel is going to Kenya to represent the school this half term!

The trip is being partly funded by the Diocese of Chichester and a World Church Experience Fund. Miss Shackel will be going with a small group but will be the only one allocated to a remote school on a tea plantation. The school has very little. It is a basic corrugated iron construction.

Miss Shackel is able to take a suitcase of resources to support the children’s learning there. This is an amazing opportunity for our children to get some insight to how different some schools are and celebrate cultural diversity.

Miss Shackel has been gathering photos to show the children there. If you could support at all by giving a contribution either a few coins or a resource we would be so grateful and the school would be overjoyed with any supplies.

Miss Shackel is contacting businesses as even pens or pencils with advertising on them would be great. So if you feel you would like to give, Miss Shackel is collecting pens and pencils , posters ( the shop ‘The Works’ used to have to £1 collection of Maps, maths and phonics ) local postcards or photo- calendars, notepads torches, balls that can be blown up when there , some simple PE equipment (skipping ropes) bunting and flashcards.

Miss Shackel plans to share her experiences with the children and parents when she returns back to school.

Please pass on your contributions into the box or tin for coins that will be by the door in the mornings till Wednesday 7th or to the office.