Welcome to Killer Whales Class News

We are a Year 4 Class.


Our Teacher is Miss Brunton and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Beeching, with Mrs Paine on a Monday/Tuesday.

End of Term 1

We have had a brilliant term of learning in Year 4. The children thoroughly enjoyed our topic of 'Minibeasts' and reading our class book 'James and the Giant Peach'. We began this topic by creating our own peach smoothies with delicious results!

During the term we went on a minibeast hunt in our local area and were thrilled to see how many creepy crawlies we could find!


Term 2

What a fantastic start to Term 2! We kicked off the topic of 'Traders and Raiders' by displaying our teamwork and DT skills when building our very own class Saxon boat.

In Science we are looking at 'States of Matter', and identifying the difference between solids, liquids and gases. We used marbles to show the different ways in which the particles wriggle about!

We are looking forward to the end of the term when parents/carers will be invited in to share our lovely learning.


Jerwood Gallery Trip

On Monday 19th November Year 4 visited the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings. We were invited to take part in an exhibition looking at Quentin Blake's work and recreating our own. The children loved his fun and inventive hat designs!

Afterwards we were able to meet the volunteers working at the RNLI and see their new top-of-the-range lifeboat, before attending the fisherman's museum.


Description: See the source imageWelcome back to Term 3!

Our learning journey this term is ‘Road trip USA!’ We started our topic launch by 'visiting' the various states where Native American tribes settled. Together we explored the school and looked for the abbreviations of the states.

Afterwards we became keen travellers and researched New York, before writing postcards detailing our trip. We were shocked by some of the bizarre laws that have been introduced across America - particularly in the state of Alabama!


Celebration Day

On Monday 4th February we had a 'Dream-catcher Workshop' where the parents and children created their own Dream-catchers. This was part of our Native American/USA topic and a chance to celebrate our wonderful learning. Throughout the day Year 4 also had the opportunity to create cornbread, which was traditionally made and eaten by the Native American tribal members. The costumes worn by the children were wonderful and really helped them become fully-engaged in the topic!

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